Download and Install XP-Pen Driver On (Windows 10, 8, 7)

Here you will know how to Download and Install the latest XP Pen Driver for free. XP-Pen products such as XP-Pen pens, graphics tablets, and monitors make it easy for users to draw, sketch, and draw. Many of you tend to rely on XP-Pen products to document your innovative ideas with illustrations. 


How To Download and Install XP Pen Driver
XP Pen

However, when you try to connect an XP-Pen pen display or tablet to your computer, To run these XP-Pen products on Windows 10, 8, 7, and Mac you need to download and install a compatible X-Pen driver.

For example, if you want the XP-Pen pen display to provide direct, pen-on-screen control, and allow you to freely sketch stories, characters, or any other objects, then you need to Install the XP Pen driver.

Or in some cases, when an error occurs in the XP-Pen product, for example, the XP-Pen pen cannot detect the XP-Pen tablet, you seem to need to install the XP-Pen driver.

How To Download and Update XP Pen Driver On Windows

If you are trying to Install the XP-Pen driver to make the XP Pen device work, there are two options available for you. You can choose one of them according to your preferences, time, and computer proficiency.

Method 1: Update The XP-Pen Driver Automatically

According to reports, many users find it difficult to find XP-Pen drivers, and you may not know where and how to find a suitable XP-Pen driver for your device. In this regard, it is more appropriate to update the drive with a reliable and efficient tool.

In this case, for users who want to Install the XP-Pen driver correctly as soon as possible, Driver Booster, a professional and safe driver tool, is worth recommending.

1. DOWNLOAD & Install and run Driver Booster.

2. Click the Scan button to allow Driver Booster to scan all device drivers on your PC.

Driver Booster

3. In the scan results, scroll down to find the XP-Pen drivers, and then update them through Driver Booster.

Here, for users who don’t know which XP-Pen drivers to update, they only need to approve Driver Booster to update all the drivers for you, such as XP-Pen Pen monitors and Deco series Pen Tablet drivers. As you will see, this method is extremely effective and useful in downloading and updating the latest XP Pen driver on Windows.

If necessary, you can also use the driver tool to download drivers for other devices. Possibly, Driver Booster can find and update the driver for you.

Method 2: Update The XP-Pen Driver In The Device Manager

Some users might not want to download any third-party tools to download or update the XP-Pen driver for security reasons. In this case, you might as well try to find the XP Pen driver in the system, which depends on the device manager.

1. Open the device manager.

2. Then find the XP-Pen driver and right-click the device to update the driver.

XP Pen Driver Update

3. Click the choice "Automatically look for updated driver software".

Automatically look for updated driver software

Wait for the Windows Device Manager to find and install the XP Pen Deco Pen driver.

Fortunately, some users may notice that the correct XP-Pen driver is installed in the Device Manager because they are free to use XP-Pen products such as Artist series pens for sketching and drawing.

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