Startek FM220 RD Service Driver (Free Download 2023)

Today we will know how to download and install Startek FM220 RD Service Driver. Startek is a fingerprint device. Like Morpho & Mantra, Startek is also a very popular fingerprint device that people use more. Startech RD Service and Support Tool download link 2021, you can easily download and install its new updated driver through it. 


Startek FM220 RD Service Driver Free Download 2021
Startek FM220 RD Service

Startek FM220U RD Service Driver Free Download

Download For Windows

 Startek RD service (STARTEK FM220U).

File Size- 11.5 MB

 Startek Support Tools Driver.

File Size- 10.7 MB

 RD Service with FACE Support.

File Size- 23.1 MB

 Support Tools With FACE Support (STARTEK FM220U).

File Size- 10.07 MB


Download For Android

 Startek Android RD Service APP (ACPL FM220 v2.0.3).

File Size- 10.4 MB

 Startek Android RD Service APP (ACPL FM220).


Startek FM220 User Manual PDF

 Startek Android RD Service Driver User Manual.

 Manual To Install Certificate For RD Service HTTPS Web Setup In ANDROID.

 Startek RD Service Driver Installation Guide pdf for WINDOWS.


Startek Fm220 Driver Download 2021

 Startek RD Service Driver.

File Size- 37 MB

 Startec Device Driver.

File Size- 19 MB

 STARTEK Driver Installation Manual for Android (Startek FM220 – ACPL).

File Size- 7 MB


How To Install Startek RD Service Driver:

After downloading the Startek driver, how to install it step by step. The complete process is given below. check it out.

1. If the Startek RD service driver has been installed in the system, please uninstall it first, and then install the new driver.

2. Click the link above to download the RD service driver.

3. Unzip the StarTek driver folder.

4. Now open the unzipped folder.

5. Next, install StarTek RD Service Driver and StarTek Support Tool driver one by one.

6. After installing all the drivers, connect your StarTek device to the system.

7. Now your Startek device will work, and now you have successfully installed the RD service.

Startek FM220 Service Does Not Work and Troubleshooting:

If the driver still does not work after successfully installing the driver, please follow the steps below:

  • Disable antivirus protection.
  • Clear temporary files.
  • Type % temp% in the windows search bar.
  • Stop any other fingerprint devices running in the service.
  • Download the latest version of Chrome.
  • Change the time and time zone in India.
Watch This Video And Install The Startek Driver.

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